In July 2005, more than 50 migrants from Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal who were migrating to Europe via the Atlantic were killed by the notorious military unit- “The Junglers”, once controlled by the former President Jammeh. The massacre brought attention back to the human rights violations in The Gambia. The failure of disclosure of the UN-ECOWAS report by a fact-finding team sanctioned by both countries meant that apart from absolving the Jammeh Government of these crimes and recommending compensation for victims, only limited details were known a few years after the incident. By May 2018, TRIAL International in partnership with Human Rights Watch brought a lot more to light as far the previously unknown facts about the case were concerned.  

ANEKED is currently working alongside families and its partners to bring finality to the actions needed for the prosecution of persons involved in this case.